Premium Listings

In addition to providing a comprehensive array of Free Listings for gay-owned and gay-friendly Lodgings, Travel Agents, and Tour Operators, we are offering very-low-cost “Enhanced Listings”, which contain a colorful, informative, good-for-the-search-engines Gay Lodging/Travel Agent/Tour Operator Sponsor Profile page, in order to help fund our mission, which is to channel funding to hardworking Gay Rights and Culture Organizations worldwide.

These listings are available for only $10 (US) per per month and will provide significant positive exposure to a highly-targeted, travel-oriented, gay and lesbian audience worldwide. Sponsors who wish to prepay for a year in advance will get 12 months for the price of 10
($100/year). We accept monthly payments by CC or PayPal, and annual payments by Check, CC or PayPal. gets thousands of unique visitors per day, and we expect our traffic to significantly increase over the next year due to our recent top-to-bottom renovation, expansion, and search engine optimization. Already, after less than a month in existence, our African and Caribbean Gay Lodgings Directories come up #1 or in the top five on Google on dozens of frequently-searched, relevant keyword phrases like “Gay Lodgings Directory”, “Gay Travel Agent Directory”, “Gay Hotels Directory Caribbean” and “Gay-Friendly Hotels Africa”. Sponsor Profile pages contain up to 5 photos, up to 500 words of descriptive text, a prominent URL link for their own web site, up to 5 additional links to area attractions or inbound travel services and an emblem indicating Gay-Owned or Gay-Friendly. Basic information like Seasons, Rates, Number of Rooms, Restrictions, Currency and Payment Methods Accepted, GPS Coordinates (if available) and Minimum Stays will be part of the Sponsor Profile page for accommodations. Countries Covered, Languages Spoken, Currencies and Payment Methods Accepted, and Specialties will be part of the Sponsor Profile page for Travel Agencies. Tour Operators can include all relevant information about the tours they offer, subject to editorial discretion.

Please click on the following images to see examples of Sponsor Profile pages:

In addition to the presence of a Sponsor Profile page, sponsors with Enhanced Listings appear in a special section at the top of their Country’s Directory Index page. The text of their listing is moved to  the right column, and the left column will feature an attractive wide-format thumbnail photo. Clicking on the photo or the resort name will take a browser to the Sponsor Profile page. Sponsors will receive annual reports about the number of times their Sponsor Profile page has been visited. An Enhanced Listing is a sure-fire way to get your gay-owned or gay-friendly vacation property noticed, and noticed often.

All entities listed on, whether paid or not, are requested to offer some kind of special discount or bonus to
patrons that mention when they make their reservations or book their trip. Listings that offer incentives to visitors will get preferred placement within the category that they occupy. Paid sponsors that offer discounts will appear at the top of the paid listings area, and Free listings that offer discounts will appear at the top of that section. When more than one property offers a discount, the secondary sort is alphabetical.

Please email us if you have any questions about our programs, wish to sign up, or want to offer an incentive for visitors to patronize your establishment. We’re also open to suggestions about how we may improve our offerings.

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